Facility in-charge & the team

Glove Box (RR)


Facility in-charge

Dr. Rajeev Rawat


Mr. Sachin Kumar

Others Facility(ies) & Responsibilities

Box Furnace – 1700 C (RR)
Tubular Furnace – 1250 C (RR)
Arc Furnace (RR)
Furnaces (up to 1600 C) (RR)
Dielectric and PE loop measurements (RR)
LTHM Scanning Probe microscope (RR)
Ac-Susceptibility Setup (RR)
14-Tesla VSM (RR)
7-Tesla SQUID Magnetometer (RR)
16-Tesla VSM (RR)
8-Tesla resistivity/ magnetoresistance and heat capacity (RR)
16-Tesla magnet system (RR)
Sample cutting machine (RR)
Sample cutting machine using spark erosion (RR)